Select this option if you need multiple types or assistance in determining the best type for your project.

Allow natural light into top floor rooms such as attics that may not have walls for windows.

Like casement windows, they crank out, but the sash opens upward instead of sideways.

STORM WINDOWS Protect older windows against energy inefficiency and are an economical option.

These windows feature a sliding track allowing the sashes to move left and right.

SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS Only the bottom sash opens. The top half of the window is stationary.

Both sashes move up and down. Generally both sashes will pop in for easy cleaning.

BAY/BOW WINDOWS Generally protrude out from the exterior wall of a home, creating a wide view and wide window sill inside.

CASEMENT WINDOWS These windows crank out and allow maximum air flow in and out of a home.

BASEMENT EGRESS These maximize light in a basement and are also used for safety.

Some brands our contractors use

College Station Replacement Windows

College Station replacement windows can give your house a bright new look while boosting the comfort level of your rooms. Your heating and cooling systems will function more efficiently if you have high performance, energy efficient Texas windows in place. As an added bonus, you may qualify for certain tax credits if you invest in College Station replacement windows with superior energy performance ratings.

Known as one of the best educated cities in the US, College Station is home to the top ranked Texas A&M University. The cultural and educational influences in College Station make this city an exciting place to live. You and your family will enjoy the warm summers much more if you can relax in an air conditioned home protected by College Station replacement windows. Compare multiple estimates from local replacement windows providers on products that will keep your interior air fresh and cool when temperatures rise in TX.

College Station Retrofit Windows

At one time, replacing windows on a Texas home required removing the old frame completely. Once the frame had been removed, exposing the rough opening, a completely new window assembly could be installed. Some homeowners still take this approach in TX, installing new construction windows instead of College Station replacement windows. However, many owners have found that replacement units are easier and more affordable to install than brand new assemblies.

Retrofit window replacement only requires installing a new unit on top of the original frame. Because less labor is required, in most cases, to install retrofit units, you have the potential to save a considerable amount of money on this project. In addition, the replacement can be completed more quickly, which means that you and your family can enjoy a more comfortable interior with minimal inconvenience. As retrofit replacement becomes more popular, College Station homeowners have a wide variety of attractive products to choose from.

Retrofit College Station replacement windows present some drawbacks, however. Installation may not be as straightforward as it first appears. If your original frames are damaged by pests, moisture or dry rot, the frame may need to be modified or repaired before a retrofit unit can be installed. In some situations, the moisture damage is so extensive that even the underlying structures have been affected. Repairs and modifications can increase your installation costs significantly.

If College Station replacement windows aren't correctly installed using accurate, waterproof technique, water leakage may occur. Over time, even minor leakage can promote the growth of mold and mildew and encourage dry rot. New construction products are less likely to leak than retrofit versions. Finally, some homeowners in College Station simply prefer the customized look of entirely new products. As College Station replacement windows gain widespread popularity, however, these units have become as customizable as their new counterparts.

Ventilation and Replacement Windows

College Station experiences mild winters and hot or warm days throughout the spring and summer. Like other TX communities, this city can be very humid in the summer time and cool in the winter. On muggy days, you may not notice the effects of poor ventilation in your home. If you have double paned window sets, which consist of two glass layers with a layer of air or gas between them, you may notice a vapor forming on the interior pane. You may even see fog between the two panes.

Inadequate ventilation can cause condensation to form on your interior panes. Moisture from dishwashers, showers or washing machines can accumulate in a home, causing a fog to form on the inside of your window sets. Inadequate ventilation can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, compromising your air quality. Eventually, a high level of interior moisture can cause structural damage to a home.

Leaving doors window sashes open when you operate appliances, installing exhaust fans and using a dehumidifier may reduce your home's moisture level. If you notice condensation between your panes, however, the problem may lie with these products themselves. If the seal of a double paned unit breaks, moisture may gather between the layers of glass. If a fog forms on the interior of your glass when the air is cool, your glass may not be adequately insulated. Energy efficient College Station replacement windows may resolve these concerns.

Properly sealed and insulated College Station replacement windows can lower your home's carbon emissions, which benefits the health of the environment as well as the health of your bank account. Look for products that carry the Energy Star label, a sign that the product has been recognized for its high performance by the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Problems like heat loss, air leakage and condensation can be minimized or eliminated by new brands that reduce your household's energy consumption.

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